Excess heat recovery unit for the carbonization furnace BIO-KILN

Excess heat recovery unit from BIO-KILN is designed to produce thermal energy in the form of: flue gases, hot water, hot air and other heat carriers.

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Excess heat recovery unit is made of heat resistant steel. The basic set of delivery provides for the removal of excess heat during the operation of the carbonization furnace BIO-KILN, which have high temperatures of 1000-1200°C and lowering their temperature to the required from 60 to 300°C. Excellent drying heat balance achieved by adjustable cold air ducts, that is, lowering the temperature of flue gases is achieved by diluting them with cold air. Excess heat recovery provides a system for automatic control of the temperature of the heat carrier  within the specified temperature (60-300°С).

The resulting heat carrier has no traces of unburned pyrolysis products, i.e. it has no smell and can be used directly to dry carbonization raw materials and charcoal briquettes for hookah or BBQ. Excess heat recovery can be connected to a drum dryer or dryer for charcoal briquettes.


By agreement, excess heat recovery can be equipped with a gas-air or gas-water heat exchanger.

Technical specifications

1MixerMade of heat-resistant materials with mineral wool insulation
2Heat carrier smoke exhausterPeak consumption 7,5 kW/hour
3Electrical panelSchneider/Siemens
4Automation systemOwen / Schneider
5DimensionsLength: 12700 mm / Width: 700 mm
6Weight1 200 kg
7Heat carrier temperature80-300°С

*The power of the smoke exhauster depends on the chosen model of the BIO-KILN, the productivity of the furnace and the required drying parameters.

Dimensions and elements of excess heat recovery

№ Element nameSchemeNote
1Chimney capAIncluded in the BIO-KILN delivery set
2Chimney connection blockAIncluded in the excess heat recovery delivery set(made of heat resistant materials)
3ChimneyAIncluded in the BIO-KILN delivery set
4Mixer pipeAMade of heat-resistant materials and insulated with mineral wool
5Air mixerBEquipped with an electric adjustable drive, provides dilution of the heat carrier with atmospheric air to lower its temperature
6Electric smoke exhausterCProvides the selection of the heat carrier and its direction to the source of consumption

Scheme excess heat recovery unit

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