Launch of own production of equipment in Indonesia

In its 22 years of operation, GreenPower has evolved from a growing industry to a world-class benchmark in efficient and environmentally friendly charcoal production equipment.Over the entire period of our history, only one thing has remained unchanged – finding the most environmentally friendly technological solutions with their high productivity for the entrepreneur.

Our main production is based in Ukraine. Over the past few years, the logistics of the company has experienced the need to expand the geography of the full-fledged production of GreenPower equipment due to the growing demand for our products from customers from the countries of the Asian continent. We have planned several locations for our facilities.In the near future, it is planned to launch a plant in the city of Surabaya, located in Indonesia. From November 2022, the plant for the production of technologically advanced GreenPower carbonization furnaces will be fully operational here!

Indonesia, together with its neighboring countries, is one of the largest consumers of GreenPower products. Our equipment for the production of charcoal has been fully appreciated here. Productivity, environmental friendliness, convenient operation and reliability are the key points due to which customers order our equipment again to expand their own production capacities. The launch of production in Indonesia will make the price of GreenPower equipment as loyal as possible for the Asian region by minimizing transportation costs. This will allow entrepreneurs to replace outdated, environmentally unfriendly equipment with low productivity with the avant-garde solutions in their field from GreenPower! In this way, both nature and the entrepreneurs of the Asian continent will win. As old equipment is replaced with GreenPower plants, Indonesia has the potential to become one of the cleanest countries in Asia, and entrepreneurs will have excellent opportunities to process wood residues into high-quality charcoal. Together we will make our nature better – because this is our common home!

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