Installation process of BIO-KILN-1 in Mexico

Installation of BIO-KILN-1 continuous carbonization process furnace in Mexico.

This marks an important milestone in our company’s mission to provide sustainable solutions for BIOCHAR production.

Our client will produce BIOCHAR using pecan shells as raw material, a renewable and environmentally friendly material that is in line with our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint.

The BIO-KILN-1 is a state-of-the-art continuous carbonization kiln that uses advanced technology to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. Our oven can process a wide range of raw materials, including pecan shells, and can produce BIOCHAR at a rate of up to 2 tons per hour.

We are confident that our client will greatly benefit from our BIO-KILN-1 and the high quality BIOCHAR it produces. Our client will be able to not only produce BIOCHAR in a sustainable manner, but also use it to improve soil fertility, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote biodiversity conservation.

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