Exhibition IFMAC & WOODMAC Indonesia 2022

Our company is always actively developing. GreenPower is known all over the world. This year we participated in the technology exhibition IFMAC & WOODMAC Indonesia.

The event was held September 21-24 in Jakarta. We met many interesting entrepreneurs and found new partners.

We are glad to inform you that from November 2022 we are launching our production of equipment in Indonesia, the city of Surabaya.

At the exhibition we presented our technologies:

– Carbonization furnace BIO-KILN, which is a patented, environmentally friendly, continuous plant for thermal processing of plant materials. It is specially designed to produce high quality charcoal or biochar as a raw material for the production of hookah charcoal, barbecue briquettes, activated carbon.

– Carbonization furnace ЕККО – environmentally friendly carbonization furnace for raw materials, including: energy and plantation wood and wood waste, fuel briquettes (Pini-kay, nestro, ruv, etc.) and plantation waste to produce high-grade charcoal. The main process used in the furnace is the carbonization or low-speed pyrolysis of plant materials containing carbon. In addition to the production of charcoal, thermal energy is generated in the process. Additional heat can be used for pre-drying of raw materials or for other purposes. At the request of the customer, it is possible to produce liquid pyrolysis products.

Our environmentally friendly equipment is already used by many companies around the world.

We make technology simpler, faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Our mission is to make the world cleaner and replace “dirty technologies” with modern, environmentally friendly technologies.

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