About GreenPower

GreenPower is an international Bio-Energy company. We specialize in the processes of “pyrolysis”, “gasification”, “activation of charcoal” and associated fuel preparation systems.

To read a detailed History of GreenPower

Development and manufacture of environmentally friendly equipment

A. Raw materials (wastes) which can be processed using GreenPower equipment

B. The processes used by GreenPower

C. The resulting products of processing.

Waste into Profit – Main production of GreenPower TM

Main production of GreenPower TM – equipment for growing waste recycling in to best quality charcoal for BBQ, nargile and activated carbon obtaining.


А. Waste of agricultural industry:

sunflower, rice, buckwheat and other grains husk; corn heads and corn; straw; waste from palm oil production; waste from sugar cane production; grapevine; gardening waste (branches).

B. Other biomass

lignin, peat, waste from treatment plants.

C. Fine coal waste

charcoal and coal

D. Hazardous waste and MSW

medical, quarantine and municipal solid waste

E. Nutshell

walnut, coconut, cashew nut, hazelnut and others.

F. Seeds of fruit trees

olive, peach, plum, mango, etc.

G. Forestry, woodworking and plant waste

firewood of different species, wood chips, sawdust, slab, branches, bushes, leaves, reeds, etc.

K. Waste of polymers and rubber goods

worn tires, waste of polymers, which can not be recycled, waste of rubber goods


Thermal processes

A. Pyrolysis

B. Gasification

C. Thermocatalytic neutralization

D. Burning

E. Drying

F. Calcination

G. Activation

Mechanical processing of materials

А. Briquetting of plant materials

B. Briquetting of charcoal waste

C. Crushing

D. Separation


А. Charcoal

  • Charcoal from various wood species
  • Charcoal from nut shells
  • Charcoal from briquettes Pini Kay
  • Charcoal from different plant waste


C. Coal briquettes

  • Briquettes from charcoal
  • Briquettes from coal

D. Liquid products of pyrolysis

  • Liquid products of wood pyrolysis
  • Liquid products of pyrolysis of polymers and rubber goods (petroleum fraction)

E. Electrical energy

F. Activated carbon

G. Thermal energy

H. Fuel briquettes of different types